Comparison between NH and SH (India/ocean island)

temperature trends NH/SH India / ocean island
Source: data from the Giss surface stations database

As one can see, the area with the highest load of aerosols (South India in the NH) has a higher increase in temperature than the only station in the SH near India (Diego Garcia). This contradicts the measurements of the Indoex experiment (-5 W/m2 at the top of the atmosphere), which expects a large cooling effect of aerosols in the NH. But as soot is a large part of the aerosols in India, the net result at the surface may be warming. That is also confirmed by the heat content of the Indian Ocean, which has a higher increase in the NH than in the SH.

On the net: 8 July, 2005.
Last update: 6 August, 2007.

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