Illulisat glacier trend
Source: NASA Godard centre or directly from here (7 MB .tiff file!)
If you look at this graph in detail, you can see that the retreat in the period 1929-1953 (24 years) was faster than in 1953-2003 (50 years).
Thus all together, the retreat of Greenland ice is the result of global warming at least since 1850, and the retreat was faster around 1930-1940 than today, when GHGs were not playing any important role.
Moreover, the summer temperatures around Greenland in recent years (still) are slightly less than in the 1935-1950 period...

Btw, this glacier is one of the most impressive parts of Greenland, see our visit there in 2000...

On the net: 18 October, 2005.
Last update: 22 August, 2008.

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