Eemian trends Vostok
Source: data from the Vostok ice core, according to Petit, Fisher and many more
delta Ts (corr) is the corrected temperature, according to Jouzel ea.
Zero temperature is current average global temperature.
d18Oatm (measured in N2O) is inversely correlated with ice sheet formation (here already inverted, to show ice sheet growth and decline).
The garph is interesting, as it indicates that temperature and methane (CH4) levels were already near minimum and ice sheets were near maximum,
at around 113 kyr BP, before CO2 levels starts to decline. This points to a low influence of CO2 on temperature.

Eemain-last glaciation

On longer term, one can see that methane levels more closely follow ice sheet and temperature fluctuations, while CO2 has more lags.
methane, d18O (ice sheet growth) and CO2 are measured in the gas phase, while dD is measured in ice. There may be an error in the timing
between ice age and gas bubble age of the ice core, but the ice sheet growth measured by d18O in the bubbles also shows a large lag of CO2.

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