Here follows a series of pictures from our trip through the Rocky Mountains, with as start and endpoint Minneapolis-Saint Paul, via the Badlands, Black Hills and Devils Tower to Yellowstone, Hells Canyon and Glacier NP. After that a week in Washington State (where daughter Ann joined us from Anchorage): from out of Seattle a roundtrip around Olympic NP, Mt Rainier, Mt St. Helens and the gorge of the Columbia river. After that a few weeks in Anchorage at daughter Ann's home, see our tripp report about Alaska.

Minneapolis foot/bike bridge
After the flight Brussels-Minneapolis/Saint Paul (via Philadelphia) a trip to downtown Minneapolis.

  Mississippi dam
The Mississippi river had rapids here, but nowadays these are dammed.

Water intake flour mills
Water intake of the former flour mills.

Music on the wall
Muzic on the wall.

Binnen de "Mall of America"
Inside the "Mall of America" the largest shoppingcentre of the world.

Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove today signs her work for the fans!

At last in nature: Badlands NP.

Badlands 2 
  A mini Grand Canyon, all made by erosion.

Badlands 3
Colors of different material deposited in different time periods.

Badlands 4
The mountain goats have no fear of heights from the day they were born!

Rushmore monument
The main entrance of Rushmore NM.

Rushmore 2
Impressive view!

Rushmore 3
Even seen from the side: enormous.

Het indianen alternatief
The Indian alternative: Crazy Horse, work for decennia to come.

Crazy Horse 2
This way it will look like... Still a lot of work to do! 

Just south of Crazy Horse: a site where tens of Mammoths were found.

In the Black Hills you have Custer SP and there you will find the bautiful Sylvan Lake, with a nice path around the lake.

In the north of the Black Hills: still active gold mining in Lead.

devils tower 1
Devils Tower can be seen from far away above the landscape.

devils tower 2
From nearby, very impressive.

devils tower 3 
You can walk around it in less than an hour.

devils tower 4
  Some others like to go up! To the right, some rests of a wood ladder to the top (from 1893!).

prairie dogs
At the entrance of the park: prairiedogs have build a whole "town".

US14 scenic byway
US 14 Scenic Byway to Cody along Medicin Wheel: still a lot of snow!

Buffalo Bill museum in Cody
The entrance of the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody.

Black Canyon
The pass of the  Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, on the road to the NE entrance of Yellowstone.

Fox Creek
View from Fox Creek camping near the NE entrance of Yellowstone.

Ingang Yellowstone
There is the entrance!

waterval Yellowstone
Tower Falls in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone 2
The Yellowstone river.

Yellowstone 3
Eagle nest on a rock point.

The youngs are fed.

Mountain goats at the other side of the valley...

berggeiten 2
...and bighorn sheep nearby.

Enromous animals, these buffalo's!

Yellowstone 4
The northern entrance of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone 5
The chalk stairs at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone.

Yellowstone 6
Another part of the chalk stairs.

Yellowstone 7
Everywhere boiling, steaming pools...

Yellowstone 8
...beautifull walks through the forests, along the hot springs...

Yellowstone 9
...with here and there a geyser.

Marmot aside of its shelter.

Yellowstone 10
Sometimes you are completely lost in the fog...

Old Faithfull
The Old Faithfull still always on time (but with some human help...).

Yellowstone 11
The next day we have a full day of snow, here at the West entrance.

Exceptional view: a wolve at the road side.

Yellowstone 12
The Yellowstone Lower Falls in a snowy day.

Yellowstone 13
Yellowstone river gorge in a snowy day.

  A grizzly bearfar away.

Entrance of a park in Jackson.

Typical houses in Jackson.

karst landschap 
All traffic is stopped, bulls have priority! Grand Teton NP.

Grand Tetons
A part of the Grand Teton mountains...

Grand Teton 2
...and a panorama of a larger part.

Jackson 2
Next day westward from Jackson over the next pass.

Craters of the Moon NP
Along the lavafields of Craters of the Moon NP.

De Snake river dams form several lakes.

Devils Canyon
Hells Canyon, deeper, but less spectacular than the Grand Canyon.

Joseph, the town of statues at Wallowa Lake.

Glacier NP
The next specatuclar goal is reached: Glacier NP.

Glacier NP 2
Sharp edged mountains!

Glacier NP 3
Many waterfalls.

Glacier NP 4
With boats over two lakes.

Glacier NP 5
Then back in about an hour over a path, sometimes still under the snow.

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon at the Canadian side of Glacier NP.

Glacier NP 6
Glacier NP, view from the Waterton (Canada) - USA border road.

Glacier NP 7
Lonely buttes in the Glacier NP landscape.

Glacier NP 8

The last view of Glacier NP.

Nack on the long way to Minneapolis, still several days of driving, a view on the Missouri river.

Roosevelt NP
On the raod a view of Roosevelt NP: badlands again.

 A stop at a parking place, which seems to be flooded.

After our return to Minneapolis, a flight to Seattle, where daughter Ann joined us, flying in
from Anchorage. Together we made a roundtrip in Washington State and Oregon...

St. John's Point
Townsend, nice place at the Puget Sound, near the Olympic NP.

St. John's Point 2
Olympic mountains in the NP with the same name, seen from Hurricane Ridge.

Olympic 2
At the other side of the water lies Canada.

Olympic regenwoud
Walk through Hoh Rain Forest...

Hoh Rain 2
...everything under moss...

Hoh 3
...there is a lot of precipitation in a year...

...fallen trees are let rotting: that is food for the next generation.

hoogste bomen
The largest red cedar of the world.

The beach is full of trees washed on the shore.

On the road to Mount Rainier, in the NP.

Rainier 2
Mount Rainier.

Mt St. Helens
The latest outburst of Mount St. Helens (1980) has left deep wounds in the landscape.

Helens 2
Washed away deep gorges in the lahars.

Helens 3
The Columbia river seen from the Oregon side.

waterval Columbia rivier
High falls along the Columbia river.

Bonneville Dam
Power generation at the Bonneville dam.

Giant Causeway 2
One can see the salmon swimming along the sideway.

Columbia 2
Mary Hill museum at  the edge of the Columbia river...

...with stues of Rodin...

...and exhibitions of dolls.

Raailway bridge over the Columbia river.

A modern Stonehenge.

Mount Hood
Mount Hood over the Columbia river.

Totempole at Pike's Place in Seattle.

Fish market at Pike's Place.

  Hier started the first Starbucks.

Then a fast visit at Boeing.

Boeing 2
A new airplane is tested.

That was the end of a nice part of North-West USA. We have seen a lot of interesting landscapes!
After that two weeks of (work) visit to daughter Ann in Anchorage. See our report of a former trip to Alaska with extensions...

On the net: 6 april, 2009.

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