Here you will find a few pictures of our roundtrip in Ireland. Via the Channel tunnel and the ferry Holyhead-Dublin Ireland was reached. There we have visited near the whole coast and some parts of the inland. We did sleep in Bed-and-Breakfast. The latter (breakfast) in Ireland is served very extensive... Nice country, very green (thanks to a lot of rain!), but also sunny (for the most part of our trip(. And very friendly people.
The only problem: road signs are such extensive (every small hotel and B&B is marked), that one doesn't find back (fast) the main road within the number of signs... Sometimes very narrow and steep roads, which need quite a lot of steering skills when (rare) cars come the other way out.

fast ferry Wales-Ireland
The fast ferry from Holyhead (Wales) to Dublin.

  Dublin Universiteit
The university of Dublin

De beroemde Guinness brouwerij
The famous Guinness brewery.

de zuil in de gardens
Memory Column in the gardens.

De "needle"
The "needle" in the high street of Dublin.

The Temple Bar in Dublin.

Molly Malone
The statue of Molly Malone in Dublin.

Powers Court Gardens
Powerscourt Gardens in the neighbourhood of Dublin.

De Japanse tuin in Powerscourt 
The Japanese garden in Powerscourt Gardens.

Kasteel van Powerscourt
The castle of Powerscourt.

waterval Powerscourt
The highest waterfall of Ierland (121 m) near Powerscourt.

Wicklow mountains plateau: heather everywhere.

Glendalough begraafplaats
Te Glendalough cemetary with "roundtower".

Glendalough begraafplaats
The church at Glendalough cemetery.

The mainstreet of Cork.

Cork 2
The (former) coal quay in Cork. 

Cork 3
The Penrose Wharf in Cork, now a pleasant shopping centre...

Blarney Castle 
Blarney Castle nearby Cork.

Blarney 2 
Blarney Castle tower.

Blarney 3
If you lie on your back and kiss the underside of the rampart (the "Blarney Stone"), you will get
the gift of eloquence. John F. Kennedy has done that too (but he didn't really need it!).

Blarney 4
The gardens of Blarney Castle seen from the tower.

stone circle 
Drombeg Stone Circle.

  Monument at the end of one of the many peninsula.

Mizenhead 2
With impressive cliffs.

Path to Mizenhead fire.

Mizenhead 2
The bridge to Mizenhead fire.

Mizenhead 3
View of the gap from Mizenhead bridge.

Mizenhead 4
Mizenhead fire.

Mizenhead 5
The path back from Mizenhead: a nice climb to do.

Bantry House
The gardens of Bantry House.

Bantry House 2
Bantry House, splendid location.

Beara circle
Pass in the Beara Peninsula.

Beara Peninsula 2
Ring of Beara overview.

Dredgers from Antwerp in Ireland...

Beara Peninsula 3
The end of the Ring of Beara: no ferry to go to the island...

Kerry 1
Today rain on the Ring of Skellig.

Valencia with one of the oldest weather stations of the world.

Valencia 2
Valencia, nice painted houses.

Ring of Kerry
Ballaghisheen Pass on the Ring of Kerry.

Church ruin in Killarney National Park...

Killarney 2
...with cemetery.

Killarney 3
The castle of Killarney NP.

Reconstruction of an old Celtic settlement...

Keltische nederzetting
...with an old house.

Camp trail
A side road from Camp on the Dingle Peninsula.

Camp 2
Near the endpoint of Dingle Peninsula.

camp 3
Pastures just to the edge of the cliffs (without fence!).

camp 4
Overview of the Dingle Peninsula (in the rain).

veerboot 1
The ferry over the Shannon river, that makes a difference of 137 km less driving...

shannon 2
The ferry is completely full.

Cliffs of Moher 1
The Cliffs of Moher, spectacular, but awfully touristic, troops of autocars come here together.

Cliffs of Moher 2
The Cliffs of Moher to the other side.

karst landschap 
The strange landscape of the "Burren". Water disappears here into the underground of the limestone rocks.

More than enough church ruins in the neighbourhood...

kerkruine 2
...with inside some old graves.

And even much older grave monuments in the Burren landscape near Poulnabrone.

Castles everywhere!

Connemara NP 1
 Hiking routes in Connemara NP.

Connemara NP 2
Overview around the "Diamond Hill" in Connemara NP.

Connemara NP 3
The steep path back downhill from the "Diamon Hill" in Connemara NP.

typisch landschap
Typical Irish landscape: many small meadows, bordered with stones.

Kylemore Abbey, founded by Belgian nuns from Ypres (refugees of the 1th WW), now an (expensive) boarding-school.

schapen 1
Sheep frequently block the road...

schapen 2
...until they reach the next meadow.

Also typical for Western Ireland: peat still is used for domestic heating.

A nice waterfall.

...and fishermen on the lake.

Achill eilanden
The road to the Achill islands.

Achill eilanden 2

The endpoint of the Achill islands.

Achill eilanden
Nice overview along the "Atlantic drive".

Again a church ruin...

ruine 2
...of a cloister (Rosserk Friary).

Glencar Falls, nice walk along a park.

St. John's Point
The road to St. John's Point: known for many kinds of orchids growing there.

St. John's Point 2
St. John's Point, rough landscape.

St. John's Point 3
With a (locked) fire.

St. John's Point 3
and more flowers...

Picnic on a desolate beach.

Donegal NP
The entrance of the castle at Donegal NP.

Donegal NP 2
The gardens and castle of Donegal NP.

Donegal NP 3
In the garden, tens of rododendron types from all over the world...

Donegal NP 4
...again another type.

Sleaves Cliffs
A near empty beach along the coast.

Sleaves Cliffs
The road to the Sleave Cliffs.

Sleaves Cliffs 2
Still a though walk from the parking lot.

Sleaves Cliffs 3
There they are, the Sleave Cliffs, over 500 m high, the highest of Europe.

The entrance of the valleys is guarded by a high hill.

A typical pub in Dungloe.

Giant Causeway
Along the upper walk to the Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland.
30 km across the sea in Scotland we see the same basalt forms.

Giant Causeway 2
The Giant Causeway seen from the upper walk.

Giant Causeway 3
All basalt...

Giant Causeway 4
...pritty high...

Giant Causeway 5
...and at the upper side, all different.

Giant Causeway 6
A lot of people walking around.

rope bridge
The rope bridge near the smallest distance between Ireland en Scotland.

rope bridge 2
With thanks to the park guard, who did take this picture. We were two minutes after closing time!

rope bridge 3
The overview on our way back.

Glencariffe NP with a walk along many waterfalls...

Glens 2 this one.

Back in the Irish Republic: nice cemetery with the high Celtic crosses.

Newgrange (restored) king's grave...

Newgrange 2
...with its narrow entrance...

Newgrange 3
...and many runic signs.

The fast ferry back to Wales at noon didn't go out, due to bad weather. We had to wait for the "slow" ferry late evening.

That was the end of a nice roundtrip in Ireland. After the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead (Wales) we were a few days in Oxford (also a nice city!), then back home via London and the channel tunnel.

On the net: 4 March 2008.

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